Lesson 8: Images & Video


  1. Different types of images: graphic and continuous tone
  2. Logos, photographs, flat color. Transparency, palette, file size
  3. Smushit.com Big Web Show Nicole Sullivan. (4:13 in mp4 until 6:20 )
  4. Integrating into HTML, CSS3 Transition and Transform
  5. Background images. Relative positioning within overflow hidden box.
  6. HTML5 video and embedding Vimeo (also on YouTube)


  1. This is the in-class example.
  2. Photo gallery slideshow with JQuery
  3. Simplified version of barousel slideshow
  4. Full width align for Yeawon
  5. Navigation on the image for Yeawon


{ July 30, 2012    4 Lessons / Week 2   

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