This website sprung from my recent habit of obsessively recording the name of the books I've read in a Word document and taking the document out from time to time for a self-congratulatory moment. I consider myself a pretty slow reader so seing more book titles added to my list has something satisfying to it.

Most of the books figuring on this website have either been donated, or were left an Atlantic Ocean away from my physical self. Being both a college student with limited storage space and a soon-to-be college graduate who will have to find a new home, having this list of books accessible from virtually anywhere enables me to keep a permanent personal library that will survive moving to a new home (and therefore the feeling I have to get rid of things), losing that Word document, and my many memory blanks.

Each book has impacted me to different degrees; some have been more tedious to read than others. I have tried to reflect their personality and the interaction I had with them independently from their real physical appearances. Where my memory is the crispest, you will find personal comments or annotations. They're all primarily for me to read. But you're welcome to take a peek.